I am a bluenoser born and bred! Having lived in various parts the province, as well as Canada, the US and beyond, I returned to Nova Scotia, because there is no where else quite like home!

I have been a piano technician for over ten years. I am a graduate of the prestigious program of piano technology at the University of Western Ontario (now defunct). There I learned all the essential elements of becoming a successful technician, and received my certification. I then furthered my studies by pursuing my MA at the Florida State University, the only one of its kind at this time. The program afforded me the opportunity of learning and working at one of the largest public music institutions in the country; this experience contributed immeasurably to my education and ability as a piano technician.

My mandate has been to provide my clients with top-notch service, in order to help them achieve the sheer bliss that playing the piano can bring!

In 2013 I was featured in an article in the Chronicle Herald, which can be found by clicking this link: Basin man “Instrumental” in Tuning