Welcome to the webpage of Ian Gillis, Registered Piano Technician, serving primarily Lunenburg County, West Halifax County and East Queen’s County!

***Please Note*** Due to health reasons, I have reduced the number and scope of services I offer.

As such, I will have limited availability for new clients and I will be travelling less outside my normal area of service. I may not be able to accommodate all requests in a timely manner, particularly from first-time customers. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

In terms of services: I no longer offer refurbishment options such as new keytop sets, bushings, hammers, dampers and so on. I am instead choosing to concentrate on tuning, as well as basic regulation and repairs where necessary, and possible.

As always, I look forward to servicing your piano to the best of my abilities!

As an experienced piano technician, I have the training and skills to diagnose most of the common problems with your instrument.

Please note I work with acoustic pianos only, not digital/electronic keyboards.

Please explore the other menu options on the page, for more information about how I can help you.


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